Homeschool week 26

We had of course another fun week in our homeschool.

During our weekly library visit Strawberry enjoyed story time with the other toddlers while Raspberry and Blueberry played with the robotics equipment. Strawberry also enjoyed building with legos after story time.

We learned about Pythagoras, The Temple of Diana, Confucius, Belshazzar and Cyrus the Great in History.

The older girls practiced writing descriptive sentences and paragraphs in English while Strawberry continued to work on letter writing and letter sounds.


Our letter craft in preschool this week was D is for Dog. This went perfectly with our book of the week, Go dog go.

In science the girls enjoyed an experiment where they dissolved Calcium Carbonate with an Acid.


We also enjoyed a dog walk in the snow.


D is for dog

After reading Go dog Go, We chose “Dd” for our letter of the week. What better way to tie the two together then to turn the letter “D” into a dog.

I created giant letter “D” printed it out and then cut it for her. I also prepared all of the pieces before hand. Since Strawberry is only 3 and she hasn’t mastered scissor skills yet, I’ve found it makes everything much easier if I have everything cut and ready to go for her.

I only had a template for the giant “D” the rest of the pieces I just drew on construction paper and cut them out.  You can download the Giant letter D


With everything prepared ahead of time it made it very easy when it came time to do the craft. I handed her the supplies, helped with glue when she asked and gave her ideas on where she might want to place pieces, but the rest she did herself.

Strawberry has become very independent with gluing and placing with minor help and clues. Here is the final product.


The Letter D

We had so much fun this week with our better D crafts, games and activities.

We filled the letter D with playdoh on our Playdoh Template Dd I created. Once Strawberry filled her “Dd” of course we enjoyed some sensory play with playdoh.


We also practiced writing the letter D with these d is for dog letter tracing I made her. We slip these in a sheet protector and she can then use them all week as many times as she wants. Strawberry loves to write so she does these a few times each day.


I also created these worksheets for her to go along with our book of the week, Go dog go.

We also did our letter craft D is for dog.






Homeschool Week 25

We had another great week this week in our homeschool.

In preschool math we did counting, patterns and graphing.

In Math Raspberry learned the Pythagorean Theorem in math…..


…….while Blueberry continued to work on diving fractions.


In chemistry we learned about bases and went to the store but a base hunt, to find items in the store that had bases in them.

The girls had fun at the library with a robotics lesson followed by fun building robots.

Strawberry played in our indoor sand castle for sensory play. She also went digging for the letter A.

Strawberry also practiced matching her upper and lower case letters.

In English we talked about the importance of adjectives in sentence. We also played a fun adjective game.

While the older girls worked on adjectives Strawberry worked on writing her name and her letter craft, A is for Alexa.

Also with our school year ending soon, I started to plan and research for what we will be doing next year.

Our Adjective Game

After talking about adjectives throughout the week we decided to change things up and turn it into a game.

We put some practice sentences on the board and the girls would give adjectives to fill in the blank. We had fun with this and got a ton of laughs on the sentences they would come up with.

I then decided to make it more fun.


  • 2 dice
  • pencil
  • paper
  • your own creativity


I had the girls pick 3 nouns and 3 adjectives each.

Here’s what they picked.


I had them each get two dice and place one on each side of their writing journal.

I asked them to roll the dice on the left and then match the number to the noun on the board.

Then I asked them to roll their dice on the right and match that number to the adjective on the board.

I then told them to try to create a sentence using the noun and adjective they rolled.

I asked them to do this ten times.


It was so much fun to see they fun sentences they would come up with.


Preschool counting and patterns

We love finding different ways to learn math more hands on instead of with worksheets whenever possible. This week we covered counting and patterns in math.

Strawberry has these numbers and counters we got second-hand at the beginning of the school year. We haven’t used them for anything more than fun play up until now but they came in handy this week.


Unfortunately since we got these second-hand I’m unsure where you can get these exact ones at but I did find these that are similar you could purchase. The great thing is you don’t need them. Anything you have laying your house could work.

We used these for counting, graphing and patterns.

I laid a pile out and Strawberry would count them. Then we created a graph with different counters, counting as we created it. We also reviewed organization by separating the colors and shapes. The next day we used them to create patterns.

We also used puff balls we had in our craft closet to form patterns.

We talked about what a pattern was and how to create one. Then we created a pattern and talked about what the pattern was and what came next.

After a few days of having fun we then moved onto some counting sheets and graphing sheets. We used Strawberries trinkets to count and graph on these wonderful sheet from Jady. She has this wonderful One to One Correspondence Math pack. Strawberry had a blast with these sheets and asked to do them over and over again.

New school room

We rearranged the entire downstairs and now have a new school room. We are so happy we decided to do this. This keeps the school items in the school room and has really helped keep the house cleaner. I would have never thought just by moving around the furniture that we could keep the house from getting messy, but this really was such a huge help.

Here are a few photos from before.


Our biggest problem before is “school” ended up being everywhere downstairs.

As much as we enjoy having school in the living room as well as the dining room, this caused “school” to be left lying around everywhere.

With the new layout we still enjoy the couch for our read aloud and reading time and the dining room table for our group projects, but the school items end up back in the school room now.

I guess having an entire area that’s for school and nothing else, helps remind the kids to put things back in the school room and away when they are done with them.

Here’s the new school room.


We’ve moved the desks and table around a few times depending on what we are doing but we love it.

Patton of course has been enjoying napping on the desks throughout they day when they are not in use.

For those who are curious, here is how we did the other rooms.

Here’s the living room


We even were able to add the end table to the living room, which gave us a nice spot to store our read aloud book we are currently reading.

Our couches even fit better with the here. They used to be so tightly packed in the previous setup.

Here’s the dining room,


It’s been very nice having the dining room separate. We can enjoy dining together without the distraction of everything else.

I love an open floor plan, it gives us so many options for how to layout the different rooms.


What’s your favorite thing about an open floor plan?