Rock Ranch Field Trip

We took this field trip with our home-school Co-Op group. Rock Ranch was a wonderful place to visit and learn all about the pioneers, pilgrims and Indians. It was perfect timing as well, being the month of thanksgiving. We tied our spelling words and lessons this week into this field trip.

We started the day off with a hayride around the farm, and what a beautiful farm it was.

The girls and group then leaned about the different housing and weapons the Indians used.


We also learned about the first feast and how to make cornmeal, a very important ingredient in the Thanksgiving feast.

Then we moved on, to learn about how the Indians and Pilgrims would travel, work, hunt and live.

After all that learning, it was time to break for lunch. We all sat down and enjoyed our sack lunches we brought with us. After lunch the learning was done, but the fun wasn’t. The ranch had tons or fun things for the kids to do.



A giant pillow you can jump on


Tiny Town

and a giant corn silo you can play in, full of corn.

We had a great time and was able to dig more into our learning about the pilgrims and Indians.

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