Over 10K miles in 3 days

Yes you read that right, I have the unfortunate task of traveling over 10,000 miles in 3 days.

I left my home with our two oldest girls Raspberry and Blueberry on June 1st at 5:00 am German time. We Arrived at the Munich Airport 2 hours later.

*I had to take photo of the parking garage because I knew after flying so much in such a short amount of time I wouldn’t find the car without it.





here we are waiting to board our first flight in Munich







Finally on the plane






Time for an in flight snack. I snuck a photo of Blueberry engaged in her movie and enjoying her chocolate.






We landed just over 8 hours later in the Detroit at 1:30 pm EST.







Unfortunately it was time for Raspberry and Blueberry to leave for the summer.

7 Saying goodbye until they return in July

My trip wasn’t over though, I had a 6 hour layover before catching my next flight.





While waiting, I treated myself to a good old fashion American Cheeseburger. Something we can’t get in Germany.












Then at 7:30 pm EST it was time to fly out again. I boarded, this time thankfully the flight was only 2 hours.






I finally landed in the Atlanta Airport at 9:30 pm EST. My amazing friend picked me up at the airport and we had a nice 2 hour drive back to her house. We caught up and I finally got to see the pets for the first time since moving in April.

Unfortunately after much struggle for weeks, Maverick was not going to be able to make the trip back with me. He will have to remain in Georgia until the fall when it will be cool enough for him to travel under the plane.

So only Patton was returning to Germany with me for this trip.

We left for the airport the following morning. Patton had other plans, he escaped from his carrier in the car and decided to go wild. He even started panting, something he’s never done before. This was definitely a fun 2 hour drive back to the airport.

Thankfully Patton calmed down once we got to the airport and was amazing the rest of the trip.

Here he is waiting for our first flight.


Time to board. This was going to be another long 8 hour flight.




Delta was amazing, tons of food and great service all throughout the flight. They are by far my favorite airline to fly on, especially international flights.




That was a very long overnight flight. We departed Atlanta at 3:00 pm EST and landed in Amsterdam local time 5:30 am



We cleared customs and were on our way to the next gate to await our final flight.





We departed Amsterdam at 7:30 am and landed in Munich at 8:30 am. We weren’t done yet. We had the fun task of finding the car and then the lovely 2 hour drive back home.





Strawberry was very excited to see her “meow” for the first time since April when I finally got home.




I don’t remember most of the rest of that day after getting home. Luckily my amazing husband was very understanding and took care of Strawberry and cooked the meals.

Even after the long trip it was worth it to have Patton home and see the joy it brought to our daughters face to have her best friend home.


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