Our Trip to the Imperial Castle of Nuremberg

We had such a great time visiting the Imperial Castle of Nuremberg. We did however make the sad mistake of bringing the stroller along for our walk. Thank goodness we also had the Tula, since the cobble stone streets where not very friendly on Strawberry, she opted for the Tula once she realized how bumpy the stroller ride was. So if your planning to visit Nuremberg, ditch the stroller and opt for a different option.






Now that Strawberry is over 2 she prefers to back carry so she can look around at everything. This Tula has come in handy so many times, it was a great investment.




It took a few minutes to find parking but once we did we set out on a walk to explore the city and find the castle. We first stumbled by this beautiful church, completely by mistake, but isn’t it beautiful?

Everything was so gorgeous and had amazing cravings in the stone.


We did get turned around a bit in the city and ended up taking the hard way up to the castle. A very giant vertical incline.









That wasn’t fun, but we made it to the top and man was it worth it. We could see the entire city from the top of the castle.





The castle was beautiful as well


It wasn’t until we went to head back to the car that we found a different path to the castle. It was much easy to travel on, to bad we hadn’t found that way to begin with.

We didn’t spend very long at the castle. Strawberry started to get tired and since we are potty training it was time to find a bathroom.

Back to the car we went, in search of a bathroom along the way. We found a bathroom and just in time. Once we got back to the car we ditched the stroller and went to check out one last thing we had noticed on our walk back to the car. It was a hidden bridge behind a restaurant. Why not give it a try, I’m glad we did.

The bridge took us over the river that runs through the town and it was amazingly beautiful.

Raspberry and Blueberry wanted a picture, of course and Strawberry was only interested in one thing the “wasser” (we’re learning German and she has water down) her favorite thing.

This was a fun day trip that everyone enjoyed. We could have spent all day in Nuremberg but with the girls it was time to head home for dinner.  Next time we visit will be on a Saturday when all the shops and stores are open. The shops and stores aren’t open on Sunday.


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