Our 4th of July

How was everyone’s 4th of July this year? Being in Germany we got lucky to still be able to celebrate an American holiday with fellow Americans. We had a great 4th of July. Raspberry and Blueberry are still in the states visiting family so is was just Adam, Strawberry and myself.

It was very bright outside, but the weather was perfect.

It’s been while since Strawberry has been to a big event so it took her awhile to warm up enough to want to do anything.  So we walked around for about 30 minutes and gave her a chance to see everything. She finally broke out of her shell and into her normal self again when she found this ball game. We have no idea how you are supposed to play it but, she had fun just moving the balls and buckets around.



Once she finished playing with the buckets and balls she was in the full swing of play mode. We moved onto a bounce structure. We’re pretty sure this was meant for a pillow fight type game for older kids but the younger children just had fun bouncing around in it.


After Strawberry was done bouncing around, we moved onto the bigger bounce structure. It took her a minute or so to figure out how to get through it and to climb the stairs, but once she figured it out she spent a good 45 minutes going through it over and over again.



After all that playing it was time to take a much needed ice cream break. Can you guess what flavor Strawberry choice? No is wasn’t strawberry. I got strawberry, she got chocolate.



We also enjoyed a few games they had in the gym.

Once the sun went down, the weather cooled down, so we headed back to the car to grab our leggings and sweaters we brought with us. On our way back to the event we spotted an area we had missed when we first got there.

                                                            Helicopter viewing.

Strawberry loved getting to see and sit in the helicopter, but we didn’t have much time since the fireworks were starting soon. So we headed to the grassy area and set up a spot to watch the fireworks.

Strawberry loved the fireworks. She kept saying “here is comes, here it comes” between each firework and on the really big ones she would say “oh wow a big one” and start laughing.

We had a great time. How was your 4th of July? I would love to hear about it.

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