Our Visit to Play Mobil in Germany


The girls and I had a blast at Play Mobil. I was highly impressed, they had so much more then what we were expecting. Prepare for a picture overload.


We arrived a few minutes before they opened, here we are waiting in line.


Strawberry wanted to check out the alligator while we waited in line.


Once we got through security for a bag check, we then headed to the ticket counter. We purchased our tickets and were on our way to a day of fun.

We started here, it was a little deeper in the park, but was a great place to start. The kids can collect these small trinkets out of the water and from inside the shells. The kids had a blast going on a hunt to see how many they could find.


After playing in the water we headed to the giant tree house. The girls had so much fun climbing and running around.


After the tree house we headed to the boats. The kids got on these rafts that they could row/paddle around the water.  They had so fun.


After the rafts we moved onto the dinosaur park. Look at all these fun things they had to do. They even hidden climbing ropes through the woods I couldn’t get photos of.


Here’s Raspberry climbing


Strawberry even got to compare big vs. small here.


They even had Dino eggs you could play in.


There’s actually a funny story with this waterfall photo. Raspberry wanted a photo of her in the waterfall. Right after this photo was taken she went to step through the waterfall, she slipped and feel which startled me. Raspberry got a minor scrap and was ok but in the process I dropped my phone in the water you see in front of me. My phone slide down into the pond. Thankfully I was able to retrieve and I even got to test my phone that claims to be waterproof. Thankfully it passed. My phone was at the bottom of a pond about two feet deep and still works.

After our crazy water incident we moved onto the castle. The older girls wanted to start with the stocks.

Then onto the castle.


The outside of the castle had a climbing wall. The kids used it to climb to the top of the castle. 20046641_10213596168887003_2686680352175100080_n


The inside of the castle was pretty neat. They had a throne room, mirror room, dungeon, underground tunnel and so much more.  After the kids were done at the castle we headed to Noah’s Ark, where they had water tables for the kids to enjoy.


Strawberry kicked back and relaxed for the ride over. I’m so thankful we brought the stroller, it was a life saver.


They eve had animals two by two.



After the water tables at Noah’s Ark we headed to more water play.

It was perfect weather for water play.


See what I mean, there was so much to do, and all of this was all before lunch.

After water play we headed to the farm.


This area was also very awesome. Inside the barn the kids could……


………..milk a cow and……


………….wash a horse.

After the barn we headed to the gold mine, where the kids could dig for “gold” and other special rocks.


The girls dug up some “gold” and rocks and then it was time for lunch.  We enjoyed a delicious German meal. After we ate we headed to the indoor section and the girls enjoyed playing with all the Play Mobil toys.


The kids played here for a good long while and eventually made there way outside to the ropes and enjoyed climbing around. Strawberry got to really put her climbing skills to the test here.


The older girls took off like crazy in here, it took Strawberry a minute to figure it out but once she got the hang of it she was off to.

Once we finished with all the indoor activities we headed to the giant pillow and trampolines.


Then we enjoyed the giant climbing spider.


We finished off the day with the playground and then the gift shop.


Strawberry refused to nap all day since she was having so much fun. Once we got to the gift shop she crashed in the wagon.


It was a long day but we all had so much fun. It’s defiantly a place we would visit again.


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