Visit to the Lichtenau Castle

We had a great time at the Lichtenau Castle in Germany. This castle was only a short drive from where we live. I’ll let the photos tell you most of the story. It is a very beautiful castle.

These are from the outside of the castle before we went in.


It’s even more beautiful inside.


They had information about the castle, but of course the signs are in German.


The kids had fun running around and checking everything out.


The girls couldn’t see what was down the tunnel they are looking in above.

So the photo below is a photo we took, we used the flash to help see inside. 20170728_13534020170728_135419

We also found this. The girls said it looked like the thing Sleeping Beauty laid in.


Strawberry had fun with her friend on these logs.


Here’s some more photos from inside.


We found this stairwell blocked by a door. The girls wanted to go up the stairs so bad but the door was locked.


Look how pretty the stone stairs are.


Blueberry is 10 and look how tall she looks standing next to the tiny door.


Once we walked around inside we headed out the side to see more.

Here the girls are checking out the garden.



Blueberry wants a “cheese” (that’s what she says when she wants her picture taken)


Leave it to Raspberry to have a ball in her purse so when we stumbled upon this ping pong table they could play.

Just your average day at the castle, playing ping pong.


We walked around the outside of the castle some more and the girls wanted pictures. Taking pictures of all three of them at the same time always proves to be a challenge.

Here’s our beautiful 13 year old, Raspberry.


Blueberry always proves to be difficult. She said she wanted a photo of her looking at the moat.


I did manage to get this photo of all of them. It took awhile to get them all to sit still in one place, but I think it turned out pretty good.


Just a few more pictures.

As we were heading back to the car the two year olds found this door. It was locked but never stops them from wanting to see what’s inside.


Everyone had so much fun, but that wasn’t the end of our fun for the day. We waited for Dad to get home from work then enjoyed a family blueberry picking trip.

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