B is for Bear craft

After reading Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you see?  We chose “Bb” for our letter of the week. What better way to tie the two together then to turn the letter “B” into a bear.

I created giant letter “B” printed it out and then cut it for her. I also prepared all of the pieces before hand. Since Strawberry is only 2 and she hasn’t learned scissor skill yet, I’ve found it make everything much easier if I have everything cut and ready to go for her.

I only had a template for the giant “B” the rest of the pieces I just drew on construction paper and cut them out.  You can download the Giant letter B20265017_10213683511070503_9132933705080131160_n

With everything prepared ahead of time it made it very easy when it came time to do the craft. I handed her the supplies, helped with glue when she asked and gave her ideas on where she might want to place pieces, but the rest she did herself.


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