Color Sorting

Strawberry loves this color sorting activity. She has learned all of these colors and loves to name the color every time she picks up a puff ball.

I occasionally through in fine motor skill tools for her to use and try.

All you need are different colored puff balls and pieces of construction paper.

When we first started this activity we would only do one or two colors at a time. As she learned the colors we started adding more colors.


I lay the pieces of construction paper out and give her a pile of puff balls. The rest she does by herself now.  When we first started I would tell her the name of the color and ask her which puff balls matches. Now she calls out the color every time she picks up a puff ball. So randomly while she is sorting the colors I will ask her “where is white?” or “where is green?”

She loves this and plays with it all the time. I love finding activity that are so much fun she doesn’t see it as learning but as fun instead.

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