The Letter B

We had so much fun week one with our better B crafts, games and activities.

We did a letter B sand hunt.


We filled the letter B with playdoh on our Playdoh Bb mats. Once Strawberry filled her “Bb” of course we enjoyed some sensory play with playdoh.


We made the letter B with playdoh and again when we were done we enjoyed sensory play with playdoh. Can you tell playdoh is one of her favorite things to play with.


Towards the end of the week once she could repeat the letter sound when asked we went on a hunt for things that started with a “B”.  Strawberry found a book, a barbie and a blanket.


As a final wrap up the week to be sure we could move onto a new letter next week we played a can you find the “B” game.

We started with only a few letter and one letter “B” and she found the “B” on the first guess.

Then we added more letters and she again found all the “B”


If your curious these are the letters we use.

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