Paper Sensory

his one was fun but messy. We were actually still finding paper pieces around the house a few days later and you’ll soon see why.


  • Bin to hold the paper
  • shredded paper (we have a paper shredder so we just waited for it to be full)
  • whatever you want to hid inside



Once I had the shredded paper and letters in the bin I let Strawberry take the lead. I find it best to allow her at this age to control what goes into a lesson. I don’t feel the need to push learning but instead make it fun and allow her to go at her own pace.

Just wait for it though, shredded paper get messy. Strawberry said there was to much paper and the moment she started taking paper out to find more letter she realized how much fun it was to make a mess.

This was only the beginning. Strawberry decided she wanted all of her letter to be covered in the paper. So she dumped the entire bin of letters and started to cover them with paper.

Until she realized throwing the paper was more fun. Then of course the big sissy had to join in the paper fight.

Here is where you see how this turned out messy and the cause of still finding paper around the house a few days later. Even with the mess it was totally worth it. We had so much fun.

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