C is for Caterpillar

Our letter craft for the week was C is for Caterpillar.


  • Giant Letter C
  • colorful circles
  • glue
  • black crayon/pencil/marker


I pre-cut and prepare all of the crafts ahead of time. This makes everything run smooth when it’s time to do the craft. Once I prepare a craft I place it in a bag.

I used a 1 inch circle punch to cut the colorful circles out of construction paper.

When is came time for the craft I pulled everything out of the gallon bag and gave it to Strawberry.

I explained to Strawberry how to place the circles then let her go.


She loves doing crafts and is already great at doing most of them by herself.

Once she finished with the circles we gave the caterpillar a face and the craft was done.


3 thoughts on “C is for Caterpillar

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