Caterpillar Counting

We did Caterpillar Counting this week for math to go along with our book of the week, The Very Hungry Caterpillar.



This was the first time Strawberry was willing to paint with her fingers. Every time we have tried in the past she refuses to use her fingers and wants to use a paint brush. So this time I did the first one for her with my finger and then she was fine to use her fingers for the rest.

Once we started I realized this might have been a better craft for next year. She was a little to young to understand to give each caterpillar the body parts related to the number, but she had fun either way.

I gave her the supplies and then we started.



It wasn’t exactly the right number on each line but she did her best and had fun. Having fun is what’s most important at this age to keep her engaged and wanting to do it.

2 thoughts on “Caterpillar Counting

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