Separating Compounds Experiment

The girls had fun with our separating compounds experiment in chemistry this week.

This was an experiment to go along with our states of matter and properties of matter lesson.


  • salt
  • sand
  • coffee filter
  • funnel
  • cup
  • tray


The girls observed and noted the different characteristics between salt and sand.

Then they mixed the two together. Once mixed together they attempted to separate them. After realizing separating the two compounds by hand was not possible they then added water and mixed.

They used a funnel and a coffee filter and poured the mixture into the funnel. Mixing allowed the salt to dissolve in the water so the salt water was able to pass through the coffee filter but not the sand.

They then poured the salt water on a tray and allowed it to dry.

The sand collected in the coffee filter and after a few hours the water evaporated leaving only the salt in the tray.

This was a very fun to practice a different way to separate a mixture of two compounds.

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