New school room

We rearranged the entire downstairs and now have a new school room. We are so happy we decided to do this. This keeps the school items in the school room and has really helped keep the house cleaner. I would have never thought just by moving around the furniture that we could keep the house from getting messy, but this really was such a huge help.

Here are a few photos from before.


Our biggest problem before is “school” ended up being everywhere downstairs.

As much as we enjoy having school in the living room as well as the dining room, this caused “school” to be left lying around everywhere.

With the new layout we still enjoy the couch for our read aloud and reading time and the dining room table for our group projects, but the school items end up back in the school room now.

I guess having an entire area that’s for school and nothing else, helps remind the kids to put things back in the school room and away when they are done with them.

Here’s the new school room.


We’ve moved the desks and table around a few times depending on what we are doing but we love it.

Patton of course has been enjoying napping on the desks throughout they day when they are not in use.

For those who are curious, here is how we did the other rooms.

Here’s the living room


We even were able to add the end table to the living room, which gave us a nice spot to store our read aloud book we are currently reading.

Our couches even fit better with the here. They used to be so tightly packed in the previous setup.

Here’s the dining room,


It’s been very nice having the dining room separate. We can enjoy dining together without the distraction of everything else.

I love an open floor plan, it gives us so many options for how to layout the different rooms.


What’s your favorite thing about an open floor plan?


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