Color Sorting

Strawberry loves this color sorting activity. She has learned all of these colors and loves to name the color every time she picks up a puff ball.

I occasionally through in fine motor skill tools for her to use and try.

All you need are different colored puff balls and pieces of construction paper.

When we first started this activity we would only do one or two colors at a time. As she learned the colors we started adding more colors.


I lay the pieces of construction paper out and give her a pile of puff balls. The rest she does by herself now.  When we first started I would tell her the name of the color and ask her which puff balls matches. Now she calls out the color every time she picks up a puff ball. So randomly while she is sorting the colors I will ask her “where is white?” or “where is green?”

She loves this and plays with it all the time. I love finding activity that are so much fun she doesn’t see it as learning but as fun instead.

Indoor Sandbox

Strawberry loved the indoor sandbox and was even more surprised when she found her letter of the week was hiding in the sand.


She dug all the “B” out of the sand and when she couldn’t find anymore, asked me to bury them again while she closed her eyes.

After about 25 minutes she was done finding all the “B” for about the 4th time and decided to play in the sand. This was a perfect opportunity for sensory play she had so much fun.


Lacing Cards

We love these lacing cards. They are great for fine motor skills development and went perfect with our Brown Bear week.

I didn’t create these but instead got them from a fellow blogger. You can download them from her site here.


Strawberry had so much fun we did these twice this week.

Big sister Raspberry even helped when she got stuck.

The Letter B

We had so much fun week one with our better B crafts, games and activities.

We did a letter B sand hunt.


We filled the letter B with playdoh on our Playdoh Bb mats. Once Strawberry filled her “Bb” of course we enjoyed some sensory play with playdoh.


We made the letter B with playdoh and again when we were done we enjoyed sensory play with playdoh. Can you tell playdoh is one of her favorite things to play with.


Towards the end of the week once she could repeat the letter sound when asked we went on a hunt for things that started with a “B”.  Strawberry found a book, a barbie and a blanket.


As a final wrap up the week to be sure we could move onto a new letter next week we played a can you find the “B” game.

We started with only a few letter and one letter “B” and she found the “B” on the first guess.

Then we added more letters and she again found all the “B”


If your curious these are the letters we use.

B is for Bear craft

After reading Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you see?  We chose “Bb” for our letter of the week. What better way to tie the two together then to turn the letter “B” into a bear.

I created giant letter “B” printed it out and then cut it for her. I also prepared all of the pieces before hand. Since Strawberry is only 2 and she hasn’t learned scissor skill yet, I’ve found it make everything much easier if I have everything cut and ready to go for her.

I only had a template for the giant “B” the rest of the pieces I just drew on construction paper and cut them out.  You can download the Giant letter B20265017_10213683511070503_9132933705080131160_n

With everything prepared ahead of time it made it very easy when it came time to do the craft. I handed her the supplies, helped with glue when she asked and gave her ideas on where she might want to place pieces, but the rest she did herself.


Raspberry turned 13

I can’t believe my oldest daughter just turned 13. She’s like a little mini me.


She wanted a small BBQ with the family a few friends.  The kids played in the pool, played corn hole and enjoyed the outside. We ate delicious BBQ and cake. The girls danced and the 2 year old girls had a tea party. It was a very nice party.  I’ll let the photos tell the story.


Fire Safety Field Trip

We had our first field trip for the 2017-2018 school year with our local library group.


Our local library group invited the local fire department and police in to talk to the kids about fire safety and public safety.

The firemen gave the kids hats and badges to wear and even let the kids try on their fire hat. Raspberry was the only one who wanted to try it on the other girls said it was to heavy.






Don’t she look cool?







They also let the kids climb inside the firetruck.

After talking with the fireman we went inside and talked to the police about public safety.


We listened to a story and did a craft.

We ended the event with a sidewalk poster about public safety.

What better way to start the school year then with a good safety lesson and fun with a firetruck.


Strawberry Scare

Strawberry gave me good scare the other day. I went in her room to wake her up and she wasn’t in bed.


I searched the rest of the house but didn’t find her. I woke my husband up and as he was getting up I went back in her room to double check she wasn’t in there. That’s when I found her.


At some point in the night she climbed out of bed and and fell back asleep on the floor under the bed.

Looks like its time for a bigger bed.

Our Visit to Play Mobil in Germany


The girls and I had a blast at Play Mobil. I was highly impressed, they had so much more then what we were expecting. Prepare for a picture overload.


We arrived a few minutes before they opened, here we are waiting in line.


Strawberry wanted to check out the alligator while we waited in line.


Once we got through security for a bag check, we then headed to the ticket counter. We purchased our tickets and were on our way to a day of fun.

We started here, it was a little deeper in the park, but was a great place to start. The kids can collect these small trinkets out of the water and from inside the shells. The kids had a blast going on a hunt to see how many they could find.


After playing in the water we headed to the giant tree house. The girls had so much fun climbing and running around.


After the tree house we headed to the boats. The kids got on these rafts that they could row/paddle around the water.  They had so fun.


After the rafts we moved onto the dinosaur park. Look at all these fun things they had to do. They even hidden climbing ropes through the woods I couldn’t get photos of.


Here’s Raspberry climbing


Strawberry even got to compare big vs. small here.


They even had Dino eggs you could play in.


There’s actually a funny story with this waterfall photo. Raspberry wanted a photo of her in the waterfall. Right after this photo was taken she went to step through the waterfall, she slipped and feel which startled me. Raspberry got a minor scrap and was ok but in the process I dropped my phone in the water you see in front of me. My phone slide down into the pond. Thankfully I was able to retrieve and I even got to test my phone that claims to be waterproof. Thankfully it passed. My phone was at the bottom of a pond about two feet deep and still works.

After our crazy water incident we moved onto the castle. The older girls wanted to start with the stocks.

Then onto the castle.


The outside of the castle had a climbing wall. The kids used it to climb to the top of the castle. 20046641_10213596168887003_2686680352175100080_n


The inside of the castle was pretty neat. They had a throne room, mirror room, dungeon, underground tunnel and so much more.  After the kids were done at the castle we headed to Noah’s Ark, where they had water tables for the kids to enjoy.


Strawberry kicked back and relaxed for the ride over. I’m so thankful we brought the stroller, it was a life saver.


They eve had animals two by two.



After the water tables at Noah’s Ark we headed to more water play.

It was perfect weather for water play.


See what I mean, there was so much to do, and all of this was all before lunch.

After water play we headed to the farm.


This area was also very awesome. Inside the barn the kids could……


………..milk a cow and……


………….wash a horse.

After the barn we headed to the gold mine, where the kids could dig for “gold” and other special rocks.


The girls dug up some “gold” and rocks and then it was time for lunch.  We enjoyed a delicious German meal. After we ate we headed to the indoor section and the girls enjoyed playing with all the Play Mobil toys.


The kids played here for a good long while and eventually made there way outside to the ropes and enjoyed climbing around. Strawberry got to really put her climbing skills to the test here.


The older girls took off like crazy in here, it took Strawberry a minute to figure it out but once she got the hang of it she was off to.

Once we finished with all the indoor activities we headed to the giant pillow and trampolines.


Then we enjoyed the giant climbing spider.


We finished off the day with the playground and then the gift shop.


Strawberry refused to nap all day since she was having so much fun. Once we got to the gift shop she crashed in the wagon.


It was a long day but we all had so much fun. It’s defiantly a place we would visit again.


Our 4th of July

How was everyone’s 4th of July this year? Being in Germany we got lucky to still be able to celebrate an American holiday with fellow Americans. We had a great 4th of July. Raspberry and Blueberry are still in the states visiting family so is was just Adam, Strawberry and myself.

It was very bright outside, but the weather was perfect.

It’s been while since Strawberry has been to a big event so it took her awhile to warm up enough to want to do anything.  So we walked around for about 30 minutes and gave her a chance to see everything. She finally broke out of her shell and into her normal self again when she found this ball game. We have no idea how you are supposed to play it but, she had fun just moving the balls and buckets around.



Once she finished playing with the buckets and balls she was in the full swing of play mode. We moved onto a bounce structure. We’re pretty sure this was meant for a pillow fight type game for older kids but the younger children just had fun bouncing around in it.


After Strawberry was done bouncing around, we moved onto the bigger bounce structure. It took her a minute or so to figure out how to get through it and to climb the stairs, but once she figured it out she spent a good 45 minutes going through it over and over again.



After all that playing it was time to take a much needed ice cream break. Can you guess what flavor Strawberry choice? No is wasn’t strawberry. I got strawberry, she got chocolate.



We also enjoyed a few games they had in the gym.

Once the sun went down, the weather cooled down, so we headed back to the car to grab our leggings and sweaters we brought with us. On our way back to the event we spotted an area we had missed when we first got there.

                                                            Helicopter viewing.

Strawberry loved getting to see and sit in the helicopter, but we didn’t have much time since the fireworks were starting soon. So we headed to the grassy area and set up a spot to watch the fireworks.

Strawberry loved the fireworks. She kept saying “here is comes, here it comes” between each firework and on the really big ones she would say “oh wow a big one” and start laughing.

We had a great time. How was your 4th of July? I would love to hear about it.