Caterpillar Counting

We did Caterpillar Counting this week for math to go along with our book of the week, The Very Hungry Caterpillar.



This was the first time Strawberry was willing to paint with her fingers. Every time we have tried in the past she refuses to use her fingers and wants to use a paint brush. So this time I did the first one for her with my finger and then she was fine to use her fingers for the rest.

Once we started I realized this might have been a better craft for next year. She was a little to young to understand to give each caterpillar the body parts related to the number, but she had fun either way.

I gave her the supplies and then we started.



It wasn’t exactly the right number on each line but she did her best and had fun. Having fun is what’s most important at this age to keep her engaged and wanting to do it.

C is for Caterpillar

Our letter craft for the week was C is for Caterpillar.


  • Giant Letter C
  • colorful circles
  • glue
  • black crayon/pencil/marker


I pre-cut and prepare all of the crafts ahead of time. This makes everything run smooth when it’s time to do the craft. Once I prepare a craft I place it in a bag.

I used a 1 inch circle punch to cut the colorful circles out of construction paper.

When is came time for the craft I pulled everything out of the gallon bag and gave it to Strawberry.

I explained to Strawberry how to place the circles then let her go.


She loves doing crafts and is already great at doing most of them by herself.

Once she finished with the circles we gave the caterpillar a face and the craft was done.


Preschool/Homeschooling Week 2&3

Our week two of homeschooling this year turned into week three. Half way through the second week I ended up in the hospital with pneumonia. So we only did a few days in week two and finished out the week in week three.

Our book of the week for preschool was The Very Hungry Caterpillar and our letter of the week was “Cc”


We did caterpillar counting in preschool math.


We did C is for caterpillar for our letter craft


For history all of the girls made greenhouses. This was a good demonstration of the climate of the world before the Great Flood.


Strawberry did two different sensory “c” hunts

For science Strawberry learned about bubbles and had fun making them and playing in them.


Raspberry and Blueberry learned about the different tools and instruments used in chemistry. For their lab they learned how to pour liquids and read measurements.


Strawberry also had fun filling her letter “Cc”


We had so much fun these two weeks and can’t wait to see what the rest of the year brings. The girls all really enjoy all the hands on learning.


Color Sorting

Strawberry loves this color sorting activity. She has learned all of these colors and loves to name the color every time she picks up a puff ball.

I occasionally through in fine motor skill tools for her to use and try.

All you need are different colored puff balls and pieces of construction paper.

When we first started this activity we would only do one or two colors at a time. As she learned the colors we started adding more colors.


I lay the pieces of construction paper out and give her a pile of puff balls. The rest she does by herself now.  When we first started I would tell her the name of the color and ask her which puff balls matches. Now she calls out the color every time she picks up a puff ball. So randomly while she is sorting the colors I will ask her “where is white?” or “where is green?”

She loves this and plays with it all the time. I love finding activity that are so much fun she doesn’t see it as learning but as fun instead.

Indoor Sandbox

Strawberry loved the indoor sandbox and was even more surprised when she found her letter of the week was hiding in the sand.


She dug all the “B” out of the sand and when she couldn’t find anymore, asked me to bury them again while she closed her eyes.

After about 25 minutes she was done finding all the “B” for about the 4th time and decided to play in the sand. This was a perfect opportunity for sensory play she had so much fun.


Lacing Cards

We love these lacing cards. They are great for fine motor skills development and went perfect with our Brown Bear week.

I didn’t create these but instead got them from a fellow blogger. You can download them from her site here.


Strawberry had so much fun we did these twice this week.

Big sister Raspberry even helped when she got stuck.

The Letter B

We had so much fun week one with our better B crafts, games and activities.

We did a letter B sand hunt.


We filled the letter B with playdoh on our Playdoh Bb mats. Once Strawberry filled her “Bb” of course we enjoyed some sensory play with playdoh.


We made the letter B with playdoh and again when we were done we enjoyed sensory play with playdoh. Can you tell playdoh is one of her favorite things to play with.


Towards the end of the week once she could repeat the letter sound when asked we went on a hunt for things that started with a “B”.  Strawberry found a book, a barbie and a blanket.


As a final wrap up the week to be sure we could move onto a new letter next week we played a can you find the “B” game.

We started with only a few letter and one letter “B” and she found the “B” on the first guess.

Then we added more letters and she again found all the “B”


If your curious these are the letters we use.

B is for Bear craft

After reading Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you see?  We chose “Bb” for our letter of the week. What better way to tie the two together then to turn the letter “B” into a bear.

I created giant letter “B” printed it out and then cut it for her. I also prepared all of the pieces before hand. Since Strawberry is only 2 and she hasn’t learned scissor skill yet, I’ve found it make everything much easier if I have everything cut and ready to go for her.

I only had a template for the giant “B” the rest of the pieces I just drew on construction paper and cut them out.  You can download the Giant letter B20265017_10213683511070503_9132933705080131160_n

With everything prepared ahead of time it made it very easy when it came time to do the craft. I handed her the supplies, helped with glue when she asked and gave her ideas on where she might want to place pieces, but the rest she did herself.


Blueberry Picking

After spending the day at the Lichtenau Castle the girls wanted to end the day with blueberry picking. We waited for Dad to get home for work and headed to the blueberry field.

You bring your own bucket. They weigh your buckets before you start. You pick and then you pay by the weight when your done. It was super easy and the girls had so much fun.


We ended up getting so many blueberries and they were delicious.

This was a perfect way to end our day.