Homeschool week 26

We had of course another fun week in our homeschool.

During our weekly library visit Strawberry enjoyed story time with the other toddlers while Raspberry and Blueberry played with the robotics equipment. Strawberry also enjoyed building with legos after story time.

We learned about Pythagoras, The Temple of Diana, Confucius, Belshazzar and Cyrus the Great in History.

The older girls practiced writing descriptive sentences and paragraphs in English while Strawberry continued to work on letter writing and letter sounds.


Our letter craft in preschool this week was D is for Dog. This went perfectly with our book of the week, Go dog go.

In science the girls enjoyed an experiment where they dissolved Calcium Carbonate with an Acid.


We also enjoyed a dog walk in the snow.


Our Adjective Game

After talking about adjectives throughout the week we decided to change things up and turn it into a game.

We put some practice sentences on the board and the girls would give adjectives to fill in the blank. We had fun with this and got a ton of laughs on the sentences they would come up with.

I then decided to make it more fun.


  • 2 dice
  • pencil
  • paper
  • your own creativity


I had the girls pick 3 nouns and 3 adjectives each.

Here’s what they picked.


I had them each get two dice and place one on each side of their writing journal.

I asked them to roll the dice on the left and then match the number to the noun on the board.

Then I asked them to roll their dice on the right and match that number to the adjective on the board.

I then told them to try to create a sentence using the noun and adjective they rolled.

I asked them to do this ten times.


It was so much fun to see they fun sentences they would come up with.


The Letter F

This week we learned the letter F. We had so many fun crafts to go with this letter.

Our F is for Fish letter craft


We did rice sensory while we dug for the letter F. We did this sensory activity the first day of learning the letter and letter sound so she still didn’t have it down.

We also filled in the letter Ff.


We also learned the different between left and right with this fun foot game.


Left and Right Foot Game

We had a ton of fun with this game. It went perfect with our book of the week, The Foot Book. It allows gave us a chance to learn and practice left and right.

I used this footprint template. I printed a few different sets, labeled them left or right and them laminated them. I laminated them so we could get more than one use out of this craft, which came in handy because she had so much fun she wanted to do it over and over.


We talked about which direction was left and which was right. I then taped the feet to the floor and we said left, right, left, right as she would step on each foot.


C is for Caterpillar

Our letter craft for the week was C is for Caterpillar.


  • Giant Letter C
  • colorful circles
  • glue
  • black crayon/pencil/marker


I pre-cut and prepare all of the crafts ahead of time. This makes everything run smooth when it’s time to do the craft. Once I prepare a craft I place it in a bag.

I used a 1 inch circle punch to cut the colorful circles out of construction paper.

When is came time for the craft I pulled everything out of the gallon bag and gave it to Strawberry.

I explained to Strawberry how to place the circles then let her go.


She loves doing crafts and is already great at doing most of them by herself.

Once she finished with the circles we gave the caterpillar a face and the craft was done.


Color Sorting

Strawberry loves this color sorting activity. She has learned all of these colors and loves to name the color every time she picks up a puff ball.

I occasionally through in fine motor skill tools for her to use and try.

All you need are different colored puff balls and pieces of construction paper.

When we first started this activity we would only do one or two colors at a time. As she learned the colors we started adding more colors.


I lay the pieces of construction paper out and give her a pile of puff balls. The rest she does by herself now.  When we first started I would tell her the name of the color and ask her which puff balls matches. Now she calls out the color every time she picks up a puff ball. So randomly while she is sorting the colors I will ask her “where is white?” or “where is green?”

She loves this and plays with it all the time. I love finding activity that are so much fun she doesn’t see it as learning but as fun instead.

Indoor Sandbox

Strawberry loved the indoor sandbox and was even more surprised when she found her letter of the week was hiding in the sand.


She dug all the “B” out of the sand and when she couldn’t find anymore, asked me to bury them again while she closed her eyes.

After about 25 minutes she was done finding all the “B” for about the 4th time and decided to play in the sand. This was a perfect opportunity for sensory play she had so much fun.