2-3 Year old Preschool Goals

We have created a list of our basis goals for the year that we would like to accomplish with Strawberry.  This is what we are using as a tool to structure lessons throughout the year.

Social and Interpersonal skills:

  • Learn to play with other children
  • Learn to share
  • Learn to follow directions
  • Learn to understand and express emotions


  • Count to 20
  • Identify numbers
  • Form basis patterns
  • Identify Colors
  • Identify Shapes
  • Identify Size
    • Big/small
    • Short/long
  • Identify position
    • Up/down
    • Inside/outside
    • Left/right


  • Learn and play with different states of matter
  • Use experiments to learn and understand different things
  • Practice mixing colors
  • Use experiments to learn cause and effect

Life Skills:

  • Finish potty training
  • Eating Skills:
    • using utensils
    • set the table
    • drinking out of a cup
    • placing dishes in the sink when done
  • Dressing skills:
    • Buttoning
    • Zipping
    • shoes on the right feet
    • getting dressed
  • Hygiene Skills:
    • Brushing teeth
    • Combing hair
    • Washing hands
    • Respect others and personal space
    • Clean up after herself


    • Identify letter
    • Learn letter sounds
    • Use words to express feelings
    • Communicate using sentences

    Fine Motor:

    • Manipulate objects with increasing control
    • Begin to cut with scissors
    • Make basic stroke with a pencil
    • Work on better pencil control
      • Trace lines
      • Color in the lines
      • Draw simple lines

    Gross Motor:

    • Large motor skills
      • Running
      • Jumping
      • Hopping
    • Develop stronger balance
    • Learn to ride a tricycle
    • Better control to throw and catch balls