Letter Crafts and Activities

We are doing a Book of the Week style curriculum this year. I also coordinate a letter to learn each week as well. These are the letter crafts and activities we have done. I hope this helps give you some ideas on fun activities you could incorporate into your preschool.  I also hope these ideas I share can help many children gain skills for lifelong learning.


These crafts and activity were done during our 2-3 year old preschool.

I have found when working with 2-3 year old children its best to focus on one letter and letter sound at a time. Keep this in mind with your vowels, that it might be best to cover these over two weeks. So you can spend one week on the short vowel and one week on the long vowel.

Also keep in mind all children learn at their own pace. If you children needs more time on a letter or letter sound then give them the time to learn it. Some children may even begin to read on their own before finishing all the letters, where others may not. It doesn’t matter how much time you need to spend on each letter and letter sound. Just enjoy the time and you will create happy memories along the way.


Along with our book, I pick a letter that coordinates with the book and that’s the letter we focus on that week. Here are the letter activities we did for each letter. (I will add to this as we finish each week)

  • Letter A Activities
  • Letter B Activities
  • Letter C Activities
  • Letter D Activities
  • Letter E Activities
  • Letter F Activities
  • Letter G Activities
  • Letter H Activities
  • Letter I Activities
  • Letter J Activities
  • Letter K Activities
  • Letter L Activities
  • Letter M Activities
  • Letter N Activities
  • Letter O Activities
  • Letter P Activities
  • Letter Q Activities
  • Letter R Activities
  • Letter S Activities
  • Letter T Activities
  • Letter U Activities
  • Letter V Activities
  • Letter W Activities
  • Letter X Activities
  • Letter Y Activities
  • Letter Z Activities


We also do a letter craft for each letter. Here are the Letter crafts we have done. (I will add to this as we finish a week)

  • A is for Alexa
  • B is for bear
  • C is for caterpillar
  • D is for dog
  • E is for egg
  • F is for fish
  • G is for
  • H is for
  • I is for
  • J is for Jesus
  • K is for
  • L is for ladybug
  • M is for moon
  • N is for
  • O is for
  • P is for
  • Q is for
  • R is for rainbow
  • S is for seahorse
  • T is for train
  • U is for
  • V is for
  • W is for
  • X is for
  • Y is for
  • Z is for