Folder Books

I want to start out by saying how much we love doing folder books. They are a great way to put together a lesson for a quick review. It also adds a hands on approach to what your child is learning.


We make a folder books throughout each quarter for history. On Thursday each week we review what we learned throughout week and then add information to our folder books. This helps add to our review each week. At the end of each quarter we complete the folder books. This then gives the girls a collection of information they have learned throughout the quarter to use for review and reference.


We also use them for unit studies. We do unit studies when we want to review a topic in more detail. For example we made a folder book to show all the information we learned about when we did our Greek study.

We also use them when we talk about the meaning of different holidays. Like this one from our Veterans day study.

So you might be wondering what exactly is a folder book. Well it’s simple a book created out of a file folder. You can add whatever information you want to them. You can even use more then one file folder to make bigger books to hold more information.