Curriculums We Use

I, in know way force anyone to buy or use these curriculums. I only added this since I have been asked what curriculums we use. We prefer a hands on approach to learning, as well as learning at your own pace.  Raspberry is a hands on learner and learns best when she can see and touch something to figure it out. I have found that involving crafts or drawing into a lesson she learns and retains the information much better. Blueberry on the other hand is a visual learner. She learns best with written text and pictures but also enjoys crafts. We balance our curriculums to include an even amount of text, photos and crafts. We also like to add real life learning into some lessons to help better understand why the information is important to know.

Here is what we will be using for the 2017-2018 school year:

Math: Math U See

History: Mystery of History

Art: Draw and Write through History as well as other arts and crafts

Science: Christian Kids Explore Science – Chemistry as well of other miscellaneous supplemental books.

Geography: Wondermaps

Bible and Grammar: Elementary Bible & English Grammer

Writing: Writing Stands

Reading Comprehension: Continental Press

Spelling: A Measuring Scale for Ability in Spelling

We Spend a lot of time researching curriculums each year and change things as we see fit.

I would love to hear what curriculum you use for your child/children.