Our Daily Schedule

2017-2018 School Year.xlsx

This is Strawberries first year being adding into the schedule. We might have to make a few adjustments once we start for the year, but this is the general plan. We do not assign time frames to lessons. We work until the lesson is complete. This always more time on areas that need it and less time on areas that don’t. We teach on a “do it until you learn it” theory and if a child needs more time then we spend more time.

If you notice we do most of our lesson together. We work with multi grade level programs that allow ease in the day. Bible, History, Science, Foreign Language, Art and PE we do together. For Language Arts the older girls each have age appropriate material based on their level of skill. I teach a lesson and each child’s work and questions are geared towards their age. While Raspberry and Blueberry are working on their book work, I will work with Strawberry to teach her Letters, Shapes and Colors. Math is also taught based on skill. Both older girls do Math at the same time but each has their own lesson based on their skill level. At the same time I will work with Strawberry on her numbers.

We do not have a set time in which we start our school day, although on most days we start by 8:00 or 9:00 am. Of course the earlier we start, the earlier we finish, allowing for more time in the afternoon/evening.

We don’t so lessons in this exact same order everyday but we do start each day out with a bible lesson. Most days I let the girls pick whatthey want to do first.

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