Our Yearly Schedule

As of 2018 we have switched to year round schooling. We do school for 3 months and then take 3 – 4 weeks off.

  • Green: School Day
  • Purple: Days off
  • Orange: Holidays

We have found this works best for our family. We avoid the larger gaps in education that causes children to forget information. We also feel a long summer is a waste of time as it leads to board-em.

As might notice this is more than the needed 180 days of school. I do this on purpose, it allows us fluctuation throughout the year. This is just a basic schedule. We generally work on a weekly schedule with more detail. Every month I evaluate the yearly schedule and then plan extra days off to narrow it down to 180 days by the end of the year. We use those times for family vacations as well as needed down time or breaks. We also give the girls off school any day Dad doesn’t have work.

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What does your yearly schedule look like?