The Letter D

We had so much fun this week with our better D crafts, games and activities.

We filled the letter D with playdoh on our Playdoh Template Dd I created. Once Strawberry filled her “Dd” of course we enjoyed some sensory play with playdoh.


We also practiced writing the letter D with these d is for dog letter tracing I made her. We slip these in a sheet protector and she can then use them all week as many times as she wants. Strawberry loves to write so she does these a few times each day.


I also created these worksheets for her to go along with our book of the week, Go dog go.

We also did our letter craft D is for dog.






Homeschool Week 25

We had another great week this week in our homeschool.

In preschool math we did counting, patterns and graphing.

In Math Raspberry learned the Pythagorean Theorem in math…..


…….while Blueberry continued to work on diving fractions.


In chemistry we learned about bases and went to the store but a base hunt, to find items in the store that had bases in them.

The girls had fun at the library with a robotics lesson followed by fun building robots.

Strawberry played in our indoor sand castle for sensory play. She also went digging for the letter A.

Strawberry also practiced matching her upper and lower case letters.

In English we talked about the importance of adjectives in sentence. We also played a fun adjective game.

While the older girls worked on adjectives Strawberry worked on writing her name and her letter craft, A is for Alexa.

Also with our school year ending soon, I started to plan and research for what we will be doing next year.

Preschool counting and patterns

We love finding different ways to learn math more hands on instead of with worksheets whenever possible. This week we covered counting and patterns in math.

Strawberry has these numbers and counters we got second-hand at the beginning of the school year. We haven’t used them for anything more than fun play up until now but they came in handy this week.


Unfortunately since we got these second-hand I’m unsure where you can get these exact ones at but I did find these that are similar you could purchase. The great thing is you don’t need them. Anything you have laying your house could work.

We used these for counting, graphing and patterns.

I laid a pile out and Strawberry would count them. Then we created a graph with different counters, counting as we created it. We also reviewed organization by separating the colors and shapes. The next day we used them to create patterns.

We also used puff balls we had in our craft closet to form patterns.

We talked about what a pattern was and how to create one. Then we created a pattern and talked about what the pattern was and what came next.

After a few days of having fun we then moved onto some counting sheets and graphing sheets. We used Strawberries trinkets to count and graph on these wonderful sheet from Jady. She has this wonderful One to One Correspondence Math pack. Strawberry had a blast with these sheets and asked to do them over and over again.

Homeschool Week 5

We had a great week in our homeschool. We love to add hands on learning where ever we can.

In History we learned about Abraham, Jacob and Esau, and Joseph. For Geography Raspberry and Blueberry made aged maps of Greece. They labeled the map with information we have been learning about. Once labeled they crinkled it up and dropped it in a pot of tea. I pre-cooked the tea and allowed it to cool while the girls made their maps.  They soaked the maps in the tea for 20 minutes. They then removed them and allowed them to dry. To protect them they placed them in a sheet protector before filing it in their history binders. This was such a fun hands on craft for geography.

In science the girls practiced separating compounds.


Strawberry worked a lot in her writing journal this week. This writing journal is amazing, it allows her to practice different pencil directions while also working on her fine motor skills.


In preschool we also learned about direction and the difference between left and right with these fun games.

In sensory play we had fun with water and testing our color mixing


We also did a letter craft this week. Our book of the week was The Foot Book and we did F is for fish for our craft.


Left and Right Foot Game

We had a ton of fun with this game. It went perfect with our book of the week, The Foot Book. It allows gave us a chance to learn and practice left and right.

I used this footprint template. I printed a few different sets, labeled them left or right and them laminated them. I laminated them so we could get more than one use out of this craft, which came in handy because she had so much fun she wanted to do it over and over.


We talked about which direction was left and which was right. I then taped the feet to the floor and we said left, right, left, right as she would step on each foot.


Ee is for Egg

Our letter craft for the week was E is for egg.


  • Giant Letter e
  • egg cut outs (I hand drew these on construction paper)
  • glue



I pre-cut and prepare all of the crafts ahead of time. This makes everything run smooth when it’s time to do the craft. Once I prepare a craft I place it in a bag.

When is came time for the craft I pulled everything out of the gallon bag and gave it to Strawberry.

I explained to Strawberry how to place each piece. She is getting really great at following directions.


Strawberry is getting better and better everyday at completing our “follow directions” goal for this school year.

Here is her completed e if for egg letter craft.



Flour Sensory

Strawberry had a blast with this sensory fun. We went digging for the letter Ee.


*disclaimer* you will want to do this activity outside, it got very messy and being outside made for very easy clean up with the hose.


I blew up the mini pool and filled it with flour along with a handful of letter e’s


I then let Strawberry take the lead as she played in the flour while looking for the hidden letters.

As you can see she loves to touch her face so this quickly got everywhere. Isn’t that part of the fun in sensory play though? My thought is, as well as hers, the messy it is the more fun it is.

Of course you have to use your feet as well.

Strawberry had so much fun and of course when we were done we cleaned up as much as we could and then used the hose to get the rest.


Preschool/Homeschooling Week 2&3

Our week two of homeschooling this year turned into week three. Half way through the second week I ended up in the hospital with pneumonia. So we only did a few days in week two and finished out the week in week three.

Our book of the week for preschool was The Very Hungry Caterpillar and our letter of the week was “Cc”


We did caterpillar counting in preschool math.


We did C is for caterpillar for our letter craft


For history all of the girls made greenhouses. This was a good demonstration of the climate of the world before the Great Flood.


Strawberry did two different sensory “c” hunts

For science Strawberry learned about bubbles and had fun making them and playing in them.


Raspberry and Blueberry learned about the different tools and instruments used in chemistry. For their lab they learned how to pour liquids and read measurements.


Strawberry also had fun filling her letter “Cc”


We had so much fun these two weeks and can’t wait to see what the rest of the year brings. The girls all really enjoy all the hands on learning.