Homeschool Week 5

We had a great week in our homeschool. We love to add hands on learning where ever we can.

In History we learned about Abraham, Jacob and Esau, and Joseph. For Geography Raspberry and Blueberry made aged maps of Greece. They labeled the map with information we have been learning about. Once labeled they crinkled it up and dropped it in a pot of tea. I pre-cooked the tea and allowed it to cool while the girls made their maps.  They soaked the maps in the tea for 20 minutes. They then removed them and allowed them to dry. To protect them they placed them in a sheet protector before filing it in their history binders. This was such a fun hands on craft for geography.

In science the girls practiced separating compounds.


Strawberry worked a lot in her writing journal this week. This writing journal is amazing, it allows her to practice different pencil directions while also working on her fine motor skills.


In preschool we also learned about direction and the difference between left and right with these fun games.

In sensory play we had fun with water and testing our color mixing


We also did a letter craft this week. Our book of the week was The Foot Book and we did F is for fish for our craft.


Separating Compounds Experiment

The girls had fun with our separating compounds experiment in chemistry this week.

This was an experiment to go along with our states of matter and properties of matter lesson.


  • salt
  • sand
  • coffee filter
  • funnel
  • cup
  • tray


The girls observed and noted the different characteristics between salt and sand.

Then they mixed the two together. Once mixed together they attempted to separate them. After realizing separating the two compounds by hand was not possible they then added water and mixed.

They used a funnel and a coffee filter and poured the mixture into the funnel. Mixing allowed the salt to dissolve in the water so the salt water was able to pass through the coffee filter but not the sand.

They then poured the salt water on a tray and allowed it to dry.

The sand collected in the coffee filter and after a few hours the water evaporated leaving only the salt in the tray.

This was a very fun to practice a different way to separate a mixture of two compounds.

Greenhouse Effect



  • Jar with a tight lid
  • rocks, weeds, dirt, and water


This was a great way to demonstrate the climate of the world before the flood. The girls took their jars outside and filled them with dirt, weeds and rocks from outside.

Once they had a decent amount of outside elements in the jar we added water and sealed the lid. We placed the jars outside in the sun and observed them for a week.


Above you see the jars once they were filled and below you see them a week later.


The sun cause the water to condensate and stick to the sides of the jar. The water vapor can’t escape because of the lid. The vapor cloud over the earth was much like this. It created a canopy effect over the earth which prevented water vapor from escaping into the atmosphere. This gives you a good representation of the lust and moist earth that we would of had back then.